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Looking for a way naturally to heal your under active thyroid condition? Well you have come to the right place to get you started.

Living Healthy

Did you know our diet plays such a vital importance on how our thyroid functions not to mention our overall health and well being? Yes it certainly does, how does the old saying go ‘We are what we eat’, now this is so true!

For many years after being diagnosed with an under active thyroid I had searched for a way to heal myself naturally, to no longer have to take a synthetic hormone replacement called Thyroxine  and to gain control of my life again.  Well I am happy to report I no longer need to take Thyroxine under the supervision of my doctor, as I still  like to have regular blood testing to confirm my TSH levels are in range.  I now have energy, my skin glows, I’ve lost weight and I feel so strong and optimistic for the future, and I would love to share ‘How I got there’ to help you in your journey get there faster – I know first hand how hypothyroidism quite frankly sucks!

Remembering D-Day

I will never forget the day 5 years ago, my doctor telling me I had Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s disease. I was like “is it fatal” as I had never heard of the disease.  I did not know what and where the thyroid gland was in our body nor was I at all happy being told I would need to take a synthetic hormone replacement for the rest of my life.  It was after storming into my doctors a week prior requesting, nicely of course, to have a TSH blood test that I finally had an answer to my multitude of ailments… or well I thought more on that later.

‘I was told that hypothyroidism cannot be cured?’

What were my symptoms?

Terrible Bloating

I’d been suffering from extreme lethargy, I struggled to get out of bed most days, and felt as though I was dying regularly, I felt toxic like I was rotting inside. There were the migraines, frequent headaches that lasted days, I would walk around in an endless daze constantly dizzy – good old brain fog. I struggled with depression, my thoughts were quite negative which was not like me, while I was able to pull myself up on it so friends and family would not realise, it was mental torture.

I had put on an incredible amount of weight and so quickly too, it was like someone flicked a switch, 16 kg in 3 months! I went from size 10 to 16 (hello big clothes) and along with the weight gain came, bloating where I looked 3 months pregnant, excessive perspiration and hot flushes (not to mention constipation but we won’t there).  So I was no longer a picture of health!

What happened when taking Thyroxine?

After my initial diagnosis I diligently, as I am a good patient,  took my Thyroxine medication daily and had regular blood tests. Like waiting for Santa to come I waited eagerly for all my symptoms to disappear especially the weight. I had been told our thyroid gland is somewhat like a tortoise and is very slow to respond to medication.  While I immediately begin to feel better energy wise when first taking my medication there were symptoms however that hung around like a bad smell. This of course was frustrating and all my doctor would do was reassure me I would improve further, just be patient!

As time would have it, two years on medication and I began to feel sick again, my weight never budged in all that time no matter what I tried. I started to question my doctor and the whole point of taking this synthetic hormone that was seemingly doing nothing anymore. Whilst my doctor had been great up until this point as my blood tests still showed I was ‘in the normal range’,  it was evident that even changing doses was futile the medication was not working, I think deep down inside he agreed.

Time to take control

Where I previously thought the answer in knowing my symptoms were because of a thyroid disease and that modern medicine would cure me, how wrong could I have been! It was time to go ‘all natural’ in every sense of the word, to adopt a more holistic approach to life, changing my entire lifestyle one bit at a time. These are just a few of the steps I decided to take to improve my overall health and wellbeing;

*eliminated all chemical products from my home
*started using all natural skincare and haircare products
*began holistic therapies – Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Massage, Meditation
*quit eating sugar
*adopted a Paleo diet – this is my website www.allpaleodiet.com

I also highly recommend reading books on naturally curing hypothyroid from those who have already done so. All the books and guides, links to products on healing hypothyroidism.com are those I recommend having read them myself, still use daily now, and were part of my journey in improving my thyroid function. After a year of changing the way I lived my symptoms were all but gone, I had energy and my skin glowed. My doctor and I discussed weening me off my medication at the time with constant blood testing to see how my body was responding.  I did so really well and still to this day I am off Thyroxine and my TSH levels are still in range.

Being more in tune with my body now I notice if I chose to eat poorly, like eating sugar laden foods in particular, how my body responds negatively. It is these days I coin as a ‘bad thyroid day’ and I pay the price. But I dust myself off and get right back on the healthy eating band wagon. Quitting added sugars and processed foods and choosing to eat whole foods instead for me was the single most important part of my health improving. Everything else I adopted gave my under active thyroid that much more of a chance to heal and respond positively.

I wish you every success in your journey

It is important to remember to be kind to yourself, learn to rest and turn off from stress on ‘bad thyroid days’ where you can.  Stress has such a negative impact on our thyroid and overall health and hence it is suggested we learn ways to manage stressful times. We are all made uniquely different and where our symptoms would have varied, so too will the time it takes for your body to recover and regain optimal health.

Be Kind To Yourself

I was really sick and it took a little time to get there when juggling not only my own needs but that of my family, but I got there in the end. Be committed in trying, create the mindset that your body is perfect even with all it’s flaws and know you can do it!