Hypothyroidism Revolution Program

A detailed review of the Hypothyroidism Revolution Program by Tom Brimeyer M.S.

by Angelique

The Hypothyroidism Revolution Program

Are you looking for a hands down, most comprehensive thyroid therapy protocal that helps you get your life back by stopping hypothyroidism at the source.

Than the Hypothyroidism Revolution program is for you, it is a revolutionary way of healing and repairing your thyroid function more naturally and long term. It treats the cause of hypothyroidism not the symptoms. Did you know your diet plays the biggest role in your hypothyroidism and therefore by removing the wrong foods that suppress thyroid function you can begin to heal your thyroid over time?

I too have hypothyroidism, however by continually maintaining a diet of healthy foods, regular exercise and positive mindset, my doctor keeps happily advising me my TSH levels are in check. So no more medication and ongoing symptoms that plagued my everyday, and I would love that for you too.

I would like to share with you why I honestly recommend this program to improve your health and well being so you get back control in your life. Please note we are all made so uniquely different and therefore results maybe quicker for some than others, but the beauty of this program is the support and encouragement you will receive on an ongoing basis from Tom Brimeyer, who wrote the program.

So let us take a look…

Hypothyroidism Revolution Phase 1

During the first phase of the Hypothyroidism Revolution program, you will start to see immediately many positive changes. This phase is about taking steps towards healing your thyroid through progressively changing your diet. Teaching you to eat the foods that give you energy, where you will begin to feel strong again, all the while feeling satisfied and experiencing zero food cravings. Your skin will begin to glow as your complexion clears, your nails will grow stronger, your hair will begin to soften and shine again (no more brittle dry hair falling out everywhere). Within a month friends and family will begin to comment seeing these positive changes in you, mine did and it certainly helped give me that added boost and confidence to continue and that I was on the right track.

Phase 1 is about removing foods from your diet that suppress your thyroid function and cause digestive upsets,  while progressively adding foods that supply your cells with the right balance and combination of nutrients they need to flourish daily.

Hypothyroidism Revolution Phase 2

This phase is about accelerating the results from phase 1 to a whole new level. In this phase you will be introduced to 3 key nutrients necessary to reverse negative hormonal cycles that hold your thyroid hostage. You will begin to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed bounding with energy to take on the day ahead. Most importantly you will also observe by tracking your thyroid function the progress you are making. Nothing is better than seeing those results improve.  You will have transitioned to eating a full thyroid healing diet using all the resources provided (recipes, meal plans, diet calculators).

Phase 2 is about settling in to eating a full healthy diet to improve the overall function of your thyroid and where you will begin to see a reverse in the aging process.

Hypothyroidism Revolution Phase 3

This phase is really about adding to the foundation you built in eating the right foods to stimulate and improve your thyroid’s function. Learning how to incorporate other healthy lifestyle changes to help fortify and protect your new lease on life. Understanding what is the ‘right’ kind of exercise to help boost your thyroid instead of wearing it out.

Phase 3 is about understanding the journey you have taken, seeing the wonderful changes and progress you have made and to celebrate the new you.

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Here is what you will receive…

The Hypothyroidism Revolution Quick Start Kit

Hypothyroidism Revolution Quick Start Kit

I really like the Quick Start Kit as it enabled me to get right into starting the program without feeling overloaded with information. It takes away any confusion as to where to begin and is like a personal guide to walk you through the whole program. There are four books as part of the Quick Start Guide and they are as follows;

60 Day Step By Step Daily Plan

1. 60 Day Step-By-Step Daily Plan

Like in the title it steps you through the whole of the program.
* The most important key to ensuring your success with the Program
* How to finally start feeling amazing by properly transitioning to a thyroid healing diet
* How to easily maintain the new you for life
* How to accelerate your results leaving you feeling years younger

Quick Start Resource Guide

2. Quick Start Diet Guide

This is where it gets exciting as you learn what foods are suppressing and damaging your thyroid and what foods will help repair and boost your thyroid function.
* The 16 foods that are suppressing your thyroid and continually causing damage
* The 21 foods that will give your thyroid the boost that it desperately needs
* A special trick that you can do to help protect yourself while eating out at restaurants
* The perfect balance of nutrients necessary for optimal thyroid health

Quick Start Resource Guide

3. Quick Start Resource Guide

I really like this guide as it is so important to eliminate toxins from our environment, to give our thyroid the best chance of healing.
* Where to find the highest quality foods for the same price or less than the cheap unhealthier versions
* How to easily get your hands on 1 of the most important foods that is almost impossible to find
* How to determine which household products that you use daily are toxic and damaging your thyroid
* How to replace those toxic products with non-toxic alternatives to give your thyroid a break

Quick Start Supplement Guide

4. Quick Start Supplement Guide

Now this is a real handy booklet to help weed out all the supplements we are bombarded with on the internet so you only purchase those that really do what is intended.
* Where to find the highest quality foods for the same price or less than the cheap unhealthier versions
* How to easily get your hands on 1 of the most important foods that is almost impossible to find
* How to determine which household products that you use daily are toxic and damaging your thyroid
* How to replace those toxic products with non-toxic alternatives to give your thyroid a break

 The Complete Hypothyroidism Revolution Program

The Complete Hypothyroidism Revolution Program

This book is your thyroid bible  – it goes through everything you need to know about the entire Hypothyroidism Revolution program. It is easy to read and isn’t full of medical jargon, I found it very clear to follow so if you don’t know much about hypothyroidism it explains things really well. I found it is up to date with loads of information that will most likely shock some of you, awaken you up to the deceit the general public are feed from multi-corporations and authorities, who in my opinion have no concern for our health – just their own bank accounts. 

There are 16 chapters within the Hypothyroidism Revolution Program Manual

Here are some of the chapters listed within;

  1. Understanding the Truth about Hypothyrodism
  2. The Secret Causes of Hypothyroidism
  3. The Ugly Truth About Hypothyroidism Testing
  4. The Missing Key to Treating Hypothyroidism
  5. The Big FAT Lie
  6. Clearing Up the Carbohydrate Confusion
  7. Therapeutic Power Foods to Boost Your Thyroid
  8. Breaking the Viscous Hormone Cycle
  9. The Truth About Weight Loss & Hypothyroidism


The Hypothyroidism Cookbook

The Hypothryoidism Revolution Cookbook

Now lets start discussing food, this is Tom Brimeyer’s personal cookbook containing 48 delicious thyroid healthy recipes including 6 dessert recipes. These are foods that will help boost your thyroids function. I guess if I was to want more out of this program I would  like more recipes included in this book. However you are taught the right foods to consume and when you can Google search endless recipes (thousands)  it really is a mute point. Along with the Hypothyroidism Revolution Cookbook you will also receive the following;

Meal Plans

Meal Plans

You will receive ‘done-for-you meal plans’, there are two sets within the Hypothyroidism Revolution Cookbook, one for men and one for women since our dietary needs vary. It makes it so easy.


Shopping Lists
Shopping List

The Hypothyroidism Revolution Shopping List is so valuable and takes all the fuss and time out of going through recipes and noting what you need to purchase when grocery shopping.



The following two components of the Hypothyroidism Revolution Program are by far the best things since sliced bread!

1. The Hypothyroidism Revolution Recipe Calculator

Recipe Calculator

Have you ever struggled converting recipes to cater for up to 8-10 people or if you want to reduce the portions for just one? The calculator takes all the guess work out of it by you simply imputing the serving size you need and the calculator will adjust all the ingredient quantities and nutritional information automatically.


2. The Hypothyroidism Revolution Meal Balance Calculator

Meal Balance Calculator

The meal balance calculator is designed to customise the diet to your needs while ensuring meals are balanced with all the necessary nutrients that your thyroid needs. Lets face it we don’t all like the same foods, you simply enter the foods you have eaten over a day, the calculator will do the work for you in telling you exactly how balanced or unbalanced your meals were – it helps you fine tune your eating patterns long term.


Now for Tracking your Progress

As part of the Hypothyroidism Revolution Program it is important to track your progress and it is made simple by providing you with the necessary resources. I still reflect and look back on mine on occasions.

1. The Thyroid Function Progress Tracker

Not only do you learn to measure your progress but you will be able to do so from the comfort of your own home. This tool serves as a major source of motivation because you will get to see how your thyroid function improves;

In tracking your progress you can do so by using the Daily Food Logs provided and referring to your Hypothyroidism Symptom Checklist.  Both are designed to help you recognise not only the various symptoms of hypothyroidism but effectively determine what meals give your thyroid the biggest boost and provide the most energy.

Daily Food LogHypothyroidism Checklist


So who is Tom Brimeyer who put together the program?

Tom Brimeyer and his Son

Tom is a practitioner of functional medicine and health researcher, he has studied and learnt from the most sought after knowledgeable doctors, health practitioners and health researchers in the world.

He too was diagnosed with having an under active thyroid. After working with an independent researcher who was studying the affects of aging he started to implement some of the nutritional and hormonal links discovered to hypothyroidism. Many of these changes gave him the greatest results with energy and feeling good again.

After spending many months  digging deeper into research about these positive effects Tom developed the Hypothyroid Revolution Program to not only overcome his own hypothyroidism but so others can share in the life changing results.

As of today Tom’s program has helped over 7,200 people across 51 countries around the globe overcome chronic health problems. His personal mission is inspiring to help, motivate and educate more than 1 million people to take control and achieve optimal health again. And how to do so by fixing the cause and not just relying on conventional medicine designed only to treat symptoms.


Is the Hypothyroidism Revolution Program for you?

The answer is yes if you;

  • are serious about saying goodbye to your hypothyroidism forever
  • want to reverse the aging process and how old you look and feel
  • would like to get back your energy and optimal health
  • wish to lose weight
  • want to rid yourself of brain fog and regain mental clarity
  • like to reduce the risk of developing cancer & heart disease
  • would like to sleep like a baby again
  • want to say goodbye to digestive upset & food allergies


Not only do you get this complete package for $97…

The Hypothyroidism Revolution Program

There are $720 worth of FREE Bonuses


In purchasing the Hypothyroidism Revolution Program you will not only receive all the books, guides and resources mentioned above, you will also have access to email coaching. That’s right and it is so very helpful. Tom doesn’t leave you stranded, he wanted to go the extra mile and provide you with the ongoing support. He knows more than anyone the struggle faced in healing our thyroid especially on ‘bad thyroid days’.  Tom will send regular coaching emails designed to ensure that you stay motivated and to hold yourself accountable which are both important keys to success.

Plus there is a ‘members area’ you can log into once you have purchased the program. Their is also Tom’s Facebook  page where you can learn from other followers posting their questions and from Tom providing answers.


Advanced Diet Plan

Tom Brimeyers Advanced Diet Planning Guide walks you through the exact process he uses for coming up with his meal plans.

This book really does help give you the freedom to create your own meal plans with confidence long term.



Toxic Home Checklist

Getting rid of toxins in your home is vital, not just for healing your thyroid but for your whole family, kids and pets included. I found this the most enjoyable part about changing my lifestyle. A huge benefit here is to your purse strings, you will no longer be buying dozens of toxic chemical cleaners,  therefor you will save money.

The Toxic Home Checklist is a great tool to assist you in going through your home room by room by replacing the most toxic of products used daily and replacing them with non toxic alternatives.


I purchased this program quite some time ago as I really wanted to know that I was eating the right foods to promote and support the healing of my thyroid. There is a lot of information to absorb when you are newly diagnosed and a program like this, that promotes a natural way of healing and a whole array of factual information in my opinion is priceless.  Plus to receive the constant coaching from Tom for me was a real added benefit, I thought of many questions along the way being curious by nature, and having the opportunity to correspond with him meant I received valuable answers.

To me there is no second guessing, the more organic whole foods we can consume the better it is for our body’s health and well being overall. As I have matured in my knowledge of what foods I should be eating and not eating I have swayed more to a Paleo diet which is essentially gluten free, grain and cereal free, sugar free, bad fats free and diary free, eating solely back to God foods (whole foods). My home is chemical free and I use all natural skin care products.

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One of the biggest benefits of Tom Brimeyer’s program is that you can purchase it in two forms;

Choose The Best Option For You


Digital Copy

Hard Copy Upgrade




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